Commit f82a3163 authored by Frank Terbeck's avatar Frank Terbeck

vistatus: Try to support visual and visual-op states

Can't work at the moment, since KEYMAP isn't properly updated for these cases.
Looked at the zle code for a bit got confused, then bored, then gave up.
parent 36f4c7c9
......@@ -2541,6 +2541,8 @@ function ft-psv1() {
case ${KEYMAP} in
vicmd) psvar[1]='n';;
viopp) psvar[1]='o';;
visual) psvar[1]='v';;
if [[ ${ft_zle_state[overwrite]} == yes ]]; then
......@@ -2595,6 +2597,7 @@ function zle-line-finish() {
function zle-keymap-select() {
#setopt localoptions xtrace
local w
for w in "${zle_keymap_functions[@]}"; do
(( ${+functions[$w]} )) && "$w"
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