Commit d4ba7760 authored by Frank Terbeck's avatar Frank Terbeck

cfg:ta: Don't strip active sessions manually anymore

The completion function does that out of the box now.
parent 69e204f7
......@@ -2120,14 +2120,8 @@ if (( ${+functions[ta]} )); then
if [[ -d ~/src/prj ]]; then
# Looks like a private system. Set a candidate generator.
function TA/candidates () {
local i
local -a active
active=("${(f)$(command tmux list-sessions -F '#{session_name}')}")
active+=( d/grml quake )
for i in ~/src/prj/*~*/[A-Z]*(/e@'REPLY=d/${REPLY:t}'@); do
[[ -n ${(M)active:#$i} ]] || reply+=( $i )
reply=( quake d/grml
~/src/prj/*~*/[A-Z]*(/e@'REPLY=d/${REPLY:t}'@) )
return 0
zstyle ':completion:*:*:ta:*:*' generate TA/candidates
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