Commit bdcafc88 authored by Frank Terbeck's avatar Frank Terbeck

Add dm function

parent 5e6c0ce7
# Display the last few line of ‘dmesg’ output. “few” is just a bit less lines
# than there are lines in the running terminal, so the function's output will
# fit into the terminal, unless the output is very long with lots of wrapping
# lines.
# If the number of lines of a terminal could not be determined, 24 is used as
# a default. The ratio to determine how many lines to actually print defaults
# to 85%.
# The following styles may be used to customise the behaviour of the function:
# - default-lines: An integer that will be used instead of 24 as the default
# number of lines in a terminal, that didn't allow the
# number of lines to be determined.
# - ratio: The ratio of lines to be printed. The default is "0.85".
# All configuration is done in the ':fnc:dm:options' context.
emulate -L zsh
setopt extended_glob
local context=':fnc:dm:options'
local default_lines
local -F ratio
zstyle -s $context default-lines default_lines || default_lines=24
local -i lines=${LINES:-$default_lines}
if (( ARGC == 1 )); then
if [[ $1 != [0-9]## ]]; then
printf 'dm: Argument has to be a positive integer!\n'
return 1
elif (( ARGC > 1 )); then
printf 'usage: dm [number-of-lines]\n'
return 1
zstyle -s $context ratio ratio || ratio=0.85
lines=$(( lines * ratio ))
dmesg | tail -n$lines
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