Commit 69e204f7 authored by Frank Terbeck's avatar Frank Terbeck

cfg:ta: When creating a new session, give me more than one shell

…I always create new shells first thing I do after dropping into
a new session.
parent 3cb4c031
......@@ -2108,7 +2108,13 @@ if (( ${+functions[ta]} )); then
unset 'opt[-k]'
return 1
function TA/three-shells () {
repeat 2; do tmux new-window -t $session; done
repeat 2; do tmux previous-window -t $session; done
return 0
zstyle ':fnc:ta:*' pre-kill-previous-session-hook TA/kill-message
zstyle ':fnc:ta:*' post-session-creation-hook TA/three-shells
zstyle ':fnc:ta:*k*:*:*:*:misc:*' pre-dispatch-hook TA/really-kill
zstyle ':completion:*:*:ta:*:*' group-order sessions candidates
if [[ -d ~/src/prj ]]; then
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