Commit 3310cc76 authored by Frank Terbeck's avatar Frank Terbeck

keys: Bind Alt-m to "vi-insert" to search within menus

parent 047a6766
......@@ -2802,6 +2802,7 @@ bind2maps vicmd viins emacs -- "PageDown" history-beginning-search-forward-end
bind2maps vicmd viins emacs -- "Ctrl-x i" insert-by-context
bind2maps menuselect -- "Alt-Enter" accept-and-menu-complete
bind2maps menuselect -- "Alt-n" accept-and-infer-next-history
bind2maps menuselect -- "Alt-m" vi-insert
bind2maps menuselect -- "Alt-h" vi-backward-char
bind2maps menuselect -- "Alt-j" vi-down-line-or-history
bind2maps menuselect -- "Alt-k" vi-up-line-or-history
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